You Won’t Be Left Out in the Cold with Metro’s MetroMax i Cold Storage Shelving System

If your business requires storage of temperature sensitive products and supplies in a walk-in freezer or cooler, any old shelving will not do. Metro’s MetroMax i is designed specifically for this harsh environment and is therefore worth a look. Today we are about to review it to see if this unit stands up to the hype.
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Putting the Stamp on Safety in Sensitive Areas with Metro’s NSF Certified Products

The strict standards of the food preparation, medical and pharmaceutical industries, and freezer storage areas require hygienic solutions that meets the needs of safety and cleanliness in order to protect their employees, customers and supplies. So that is where National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certification comes into the picture. 

The NSF International is a well-respected independent third party testing & certification facility located in Ann Arbor, Michigan that puts products through rigorous testing, inspection and certification. The National Sanitation Foundation whose standards serve as the benchmark to stakeholders to help determine compliance to regulatory specifications, apply risk management principles and to determine general suitability of products, systems and processes.

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Crafted with Surgical Precision – Metro’s Open Case Carts and Closed Case Carts

Metro has established a great reputation as an industry leader for providing well designed products that address work related challenges in specific work environments. One such work environment that requires the utmost care is the surgical arena. A surgical suite must maintain a strict sterile environment as well as ensuring that the instruments remain free from contamination. In furtherance of maintaining safety, Metro’s line of Case Carts is just what the doctor ordered. So today we take a look at the Closed & Open Case Carts to see if they get a clean bill of health.

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Olympic Storage Company’s Shelving Is Going For the Gold

Olympic Storage Company claims to have created a cost effective economical alternative to those more costly competitor shelving units while maintaining a high level of quality build and versatility that can meet any of your shelving needs. So today we decided to take a closer look to see if its deserving of a gold, silver or bronze medal.

The Olympic Storage Company’s shelving unit is strong. Made from carbon steel, this unit can hold up to 800 lbs., which should cover all of your storage needs. This unit is also strong against the elements. Available in 3 finishes including green epoxy which will keep this shelving standing tall in severe cold or wet environments by keeping rust at bay. 

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Give Your Storage a Raise with Metro’s Bow-Tie Dunnage Racks

If your storage needs are heavy duty and require versatility with configurations, then you should check out Metro’s Bow-Tie Dunnage Racks.  We did and we were impressed.   Metro’s Bow-Tie Dunnage Racks are a triple threat with their stability, durability and versatility.  So here is what we found out.

The patented bow tie technology is an incredibly smart way to quickly and easily join the racks together securely in one of two different configurations. (End to End or Back to Back).

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Metro’s Kanban Two Bin Storage Solution Gives You The Edge on Supply Efficiency

Managing inventory is an absolute necessity for any organization or business to ensure efficiency and productivity.  Stock-outs and overstocking can wreak havoc on your budget or your desired results. A Kanban based system is offered by many manufacturers to enhance control of products or supplies. Metro’s new Two Bin Kanban Storage Solution claims to take efficiency to the next level by improving visibility, streamlining replenishment and maximizing storage space while offering customization and versatility. So today we decided to put it to the test.

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Work Smarter Not Harder with Metro’s SmartLever Multifunctional Storage & Workstation

Metro claims that their SmartLever multifunctional storage and workstation is the perfect accessory to any business whether you are in healthcare, food service, research or retail. We reviewed the product today to see if Metro’s claim that their Smartlever multifunctional storage and workstation is truly “the intelligent way to optimize space and workflow”.

First, we took a look at the build quality. The workstation boasts an impressive frame built from heavy gauge cold rolled steel. Its covered in an epoxy coating and all hardware is stainless steel. With this powerful construction, the load capacity is a whopping 2800 lbs. 

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The Space Race With Metro’s New 24” Deep Space Saver Work Table

Laboratories and restaurants throughout the country are always looking to maximize every inch of their work environment as space is at a premium. With this issue in mind, Metro offers the newly designed 24” Deep Space Saver Work Table that “puts space to work for you”.  Today, we take a look at this product to see if it measures up.

The first thing you notice about Metro’s new 24” Deep Space Saver Work Tables is the exceptional quality that is associated with Metro’s Super Erecta line of wire shelving components. 

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Fire Up Your Sales with Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts

Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts are a favorite with grocers and retailers alike, as they are perfect for cross merchandising, sale items or impulse buy products. Designed to attract customers like a magnet, today we decided to review Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts to see what all the sizzle is about.

First off Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts are strong as they are constructed from wire and can hold up to a whopping 300 lbs of product.  

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What's Under The Covers with Metros ESD Cart Covers

For over 80 years, Metro has been the world's leading manufacturer of storage and transport equipment in Healthcare, Foodservice and Commercial markets putting space to work. Metro manufacturers top of the line shelf carts and trucks but in true Metro fashion they don’t stop there. They also offer well thought out accessories that are designed to enhance the unit’s usefulness. One such accessory is Metro’s ESD Cart Covers which utilizes an effective method to control electrostatic discharge, defer pillage, and protect your product from dust and air borne contaminants.

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Always Know Where Its At with Akro-Mils Top Selling Plastic Storage Cabinet

The numbers don’t lie. Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Cabinets are one of their top selling products.  Today we took a look as to why it’s so popular with clients from a wide variety of industries.  We evaluated it based on 3 critical elements required for any great storage system, durability, customization, and versatility.

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Metro’s qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System is a SLAM DUNK!

Today we took a look at Metro’s newest cantilever storage solution, the qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System to determine if it is in fact a slam dunk. 

 The most important attributes to any cantilever shelving system has to be strength and durability. There is no question the qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System is one strong system. The frame is constructed of epoxy coated steel tubing uprights and crossbars. Two crossbars are mounted vertically and one is mounted horizontally on the single sided structures to maintain durability. Four crossbars are on the double sided structure. It can hold even heavy items as the mobile unit can handle up to 375 lbs and the stationary unit can hold up to a whopping 500 lbs. 
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Talking Trash - The Newly Redesigned Akro-Tilt Trucks from Akro-Mils Manufacturing

Today we take a look at the newly redesigned Akro-Tilt Truck made by Akro-Mils Manufacturing for waste handling.  We found the truck to be great combination of durability, efficiency and a thoughtful design that can save you from back pain.

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Metro's MetroMax 4 Shelving System Heightens Its Shelf Game

We reviewed Metro’s MetroMax 4 Shelving System back in July 2016, but new options have just become available and we wanted to take a look at what these latest features have to offer.

Metro refers to its MetroMax 4 Unit as part of its Forever Shelving Systems delivering unparalleled strength, stability, cleanability, and efficient space utilization. The latest features confirm MetroMax 4’s claims.

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Akro-Mils Louvered Carts – Toughness on Wheels

Durable, versatile and mobile are just some of the adjectives used to describe Akro-Mils Louvered Carts.  So, we decided to review them to see why so many business owners, lab technicians and those in health care and retail industries consider the Akro-Mils Louvered Carts a smart choice to get supplies where they need to go.

Featuring a 16 gauge welded steel frame complete with a tubular push handle, this cart can hold a capacity of up to 800 lbs. The cart also boast a steel reinforced butcher block work surface with a powder coating to handle your toughest tasks. And to top it off The Akro-Mils Louvered Carts comes with non-marking elastic rubber casters to allow for a more even weight distribution.  Based on what we’ve seen durability is an understatement.  This cart is built to last.

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Not Ordinary but Extra Ordinary – Akro-Mils Versa Deck Platform Trucks

With Akro-Mils commitment to manufacturing innovative storage and material handling products of uncompromising quality, it’s no surprise that the Versa Deck Platform Trucks have such a long service life, outstanding performance and ultimate versatility. Today we took a look at this extra ordinary unit.

Made out of HDPE molded non-skid structural plastic, Akro-Mils Versa decks are constructed for strength and long term durability. 

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Get Off The Floor with Metro’s Super Erecta Dunnage Racks

Many business owners will tell you that dunnage racks are highly favored in multiple storage settings as a way to store heavy or bulky items.  The racks keep your items off the floor without compromising shelf space.  Damp environments such as storage areas, walk in freezers, or labs are where the dunnage rack’s height will be truly appreciated. Getting your items off the floor not only keep your product safe but also help protect flooring from heavy storage by evening out the load weight across a wider area. The definition of dunnage is to “support or secure” and that’s just what Metro’s dunnage racks does for your supplies & inventory. We reviewed 3 different configurations of Metro’s Super Erecta Dunnage Racks and what we found was impressive.

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Akro-Mils 19 Series Steel Cabinets are a Definite Touchdown


When we reviewed the 19 Series Steel Cabinets we couldn’t help but think of the NFL’s all-time great #19, who was known for longevity and durability as evidenced by his record setting for the most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Akro-Mils 19 Series Steel Cabinets have the same desirable attributes.

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Akro-Mils Pick Racks - A True First Round Pick

As a business owner or a purchase manager don’t beat yourself up in the “rack race” to find shelving that increases material handling, improves organization and assists with inventory control.  The Akro-Mils Pick Rack is a well thought out solution.

Made in the USA, Akro-Mils Pick Rack Shelving Systems are designed with angled shelving that provides high density storage for your storage rooms, work space or showroom. The inclined shelves keep your product visible and easily accessible.  Not only is the shelf efficient but it also provides an attractive and well organized unique storage solution.  

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Step Up Your Shelf Game – MetroMax 4 Shelving System

Today we reviewed Metro’s latest offering, the MetroMax 4 Polymer Shelving System. With its chemical resistant finish, this storage system is ideal for your dry storage needs that require high cleaning standards whether it’s a laboratory, a healthcare setting, food storage or a freezer. Impressed with its well thought out features we decided to highlight 4 reasons you should outfit your storage room with this shelving system.

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Where have you BIN all of my life - Akro-Mils AkroBins

Knowing your inventory and having quick access to it is a vital part of a successful business.  If lack of organization is an issue in your storage area or work space, Atlantic Shelving’s full line of Akro-Mils Akrobins and Shelving Systems, offers a solution.

As always AkroBins are made in the USA to the highest specifications. Try finding that similar top quality with their competitors. You won’t. Akro-Mils line of AkroBins provides durability and versatility. Durability comes from the heavy duty, industrial grade polymer that is water, rust and corrosion proof. Reinforced side ribs prevents the bin from bending or cracking when stacked. Plus the anti slide stop on the bottom of these bins prevents them from shifting forward. 

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Safe & Sound – Metro’s Super Erecta Security Units

The need to protect your sensitive or valuable items from getting in the wrong hands is a concern we all face. Today we take a look at the solution – Metro’s Security Enclosure Units.  We reviewed the Super Erecta Security Enclosure which is built with security in mind and offers unmatched versatility. Based on your environmental needs or aesthetics, the unit comes in 3 different finishes. Chrome plated for dry environments, Metroseal 3 epoxy for wet environments and Type 304 Stainless Steel for your harshest environment and cleaning requirements.  All units are heavy duty and able to hold and transport up to 900 lbs.

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Metro gives you Their Full Support with Super Erecta Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

If your storage needs exceed your floor space, you need shelving that will support your goods and take advantage of your overhead space.  Today we looked at the Super Erecta Wall Mounted Wire Shelving from Metro.  What we found was a combination of versatility, durability and the Metro quality that has been their hallmark.

Available in various depths and 3 different finishes, the Super Erecta wire shelving can be used as a direct wall mount or a post type over a work station. 

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Get a Grip on Contamination – Lab Cleanroom Solutions

In order to ensure the integrity of your manufacturing process in your lab cleanroom you must ensure that dust, microbes and other pollutants don’t contaminate your product. Metro helps you keep your cleanroom just that - CLEAN.

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NO Static Zone – Products for Electronic Cleanrooms

When it comes to a Cleanrooms, there is no margin for error.  In your electronics cleanroom the goal is to prevent static electricity and particles in the air and on the surface, from coming in contact with the electronic products that are being manufactured. A single charge of static passing from a worker to a sensitive piece of electronic equipment can have a catastrophic effect on your product and your business. We looked at two products that will allay your concerns.

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Accessory to Organization, Labels, Ledgers, Dividers & Enclosures

If you want to maximize your MetroMax Storage System, then Metro has plenty of options for you. Here we review a couple of our favorite accessories.

We took a look at the stackable shelf ledges.  They snap on and off easily and of course they are corrosion proof.  Made of either polymer or stainless steel, both keep your items secure from falling off the shelf.

Also available are standard duty shelf dividers.  Made of high density polymer, the dividers provide an aide to organization by allowing you to easily separate your items.       

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Just Roll With It - Metro MyCart Series

If you think something simple like a cart can’t be improved, then you have not yet seen the Metro MyCart Series.  Metro has re-engineered the cart to provide 50% more leg room so you don’t slam your shins or kick the cart.  They have also added an easy grip handle with a spacious utility tray that offers 2x’s the space of a traditional cart. Plus, the raised edge shelves helps to contain items from spilling or falling off onto the floor.

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One Size Does Not Fit All when it comes to Storage Carts

Starsys knows that one cart does not fit all. As a result, Starsys offers a customizable cart to fit your unique work demands whether it be limited work space, mobility or specific storage requirements to name a few. So whether the need is for a Lab Cart, a Hospital Storage Cart, or a Health Care Supply Cart, Starsys can easily reconfigure and adapt the cart to meet the needs of your work force, enhance productivity and maximize work space.


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The Perfect Pairing of Quality and Affordability

Metro has answered the age old question, can you have quality and value in a product?  The answer is a resounding yes. 

The new MetroMax 4 provides the same quality you’ve come to expect from Metro, but at a lower price point. Metro claims “No competitor can offer a shelf as high performing as this unit at close to a fraction of the price of stainless steel.” So we decided to take a look.  The answer is a resounding yes. Here are some of the standout features: 


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Hot Buy Basket Carts are the Center of Attention

Center of Attention

The name says it all.  The Hot Buy Basket Cart delivers customer’s attention without taking up valuable floor space.  The unit which comes in either a standard or double wide basket cart is easily moved to different locations with it’s 3” swivel casters. 

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