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Give Your Storage a Raise with Metro’s Bow-Tie Dunnage Racks

Posted by Store Administrator on 11/13/2017

If your storage needs are heavy duty and require versatility with configurations, then you should check out Metro’s Bow-Tie Dunnage Racks.  We did and we were impressed.   Metro’s Bow-Tie Dunnage Racks are a triple threat with their stability, durability and versatility.  So here is what we found out.

The patented bow tie technology is an incredibly smart way to quickly and easily join the racks together securely in one of two different configurations. (End to End or Back to Back). Not only does it give you more space but by doing so, it distributes the load impact of heavy product creating a more rigid base making this different from any other conventional dunnage rack. The unit has 4 recessed center areas on each side of the top surface that is specifically designed to accept the polymer tie which comes included with each rack. As a result, the dunnage rack units can be easily attached from the top of the unit, without any tools required.

Made from a heavy duty corrosion proof polymer, this unit is solid.  The two smaller length units (30” & 36”) can hold up to 1500 lbs and the larger length units (48” & 60”) can hold up to a whopping 3000 lbs. The Dunnage Racks are available in two finishes – in a standard finish (Gray color) or with a Microban Antimicrobial finish (Blue color) which keeps your racks free of bacteria which could damage your product. All racks are 12 inches high & 22 inches wide – the only difference is the lengths. So there is a size to fit everyone’s storage room needs.

The smooth polymer frame provides a snag-free surface while allowing for easy cleaning. Unique design has front to back slots for easier loading and unloading. If that wasn’t enough, the units unique design provides superior air flow which gives longer shelf life to your products.

These racks not only keep your items efficiently off the floor but they go a long way in protecting your business by reducing risk against condensation and pest infestation. The Health & Safety Standards for keeping stuff off the floor is at least 6 inches high. Metro’s Bow Tie Dunnage Racks are all 12 inches high which also make it easier to clean the area underneath.

Metro’s Bow Tie Dunnage Racks truly raises your game when it comes to “Off The Floor Storage Efficiency”. Its unique design provides stability, durability and versatility for your off the floor storage needs and sounds like a great addition to any facility. You owe it to your business to give this product a further look.

Please note we featured Metro’s Polymer Bow Tie Technology Dunnage Racks this time around, but please check out our blog on Metro’s Metal Dunnage Rack products if you are looking for additional options:

For additional information on Metro’s Polymer Bow-Tie Dunnage Racks and all of the available configurations, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling them at 443-304-7225 or by emailing them at

Metro’s Kanban Two Bin Storage Solution Gives You The Edge on Supply Efficiency

Posted by Store Administrator on 10/10/2017

Managing inventory is an absolute necessity for any organization or business to ensure efficiency and productivity.  Stock-outs and overstocking can wreak havoc on your budget or your desired results. A Kanban based system is offered by many manufacturers to enhance control of products or supplies. Metro’s new Two Bin Kanban Storage Solution claims to take efficiency to the next level by improving visibility, streamlining replenishment and maximizing storage space while offering customization and versatility. So today we decided to put it to the test.

The Kanban concept comes from Toyota in the 1940’s. Kanban was developed by a Toyota engineer as a way to improve efficiency through visual representation.  A Two Bin Kanban Storage Solution utilizes two identical bins containing the same item in any of the following set ups (one placed in front of the other or next to another or on top of one another). When the first bin is empty, it is removed to a replenishment location while the second bin is pulled forward for use. When the first bin is restocked, it is placed where the second bin originally was.  The bins rotate in this manner, never running out, and easily visually alerting staff when a refill is required.

Metro’s new Two Bin Kanban Storage Solution integrates seamlessly with Metro’s Super Erecta as well as the QwikSlot shelving systems (if slanted shelves are needed).  Once you have the Super Erecta or Qwikslot shelving easily adjusted to the height you need, then you can easily arrange the Kanban system in various bins in several arraignments that support your supplies and or inventory. Just like the name suggests, you can place the bins two deep, two wide or two high. Additionally, for easy and swift reconfiguration, you can remove, add or adjust a shelf height without disassembling the entire unit. Overall weight capacity per unit is 800 lbs making this a good fit for almost any storage room. Additionally, casters can be added to the shelving unit to make your Kanban storage system easily mobile.

The most important part of the Kanban solution is the visual identification. Metro provides 6 distinct color coded shelf markers and their supply bins are available in many different colors (including clear) and multiple heights to aid in swift visual identification. If there is a color bin you would like and you don't see it on our website, please ask us about it.

Metro’s new Two Bin Kanban Storage Solution has it all figured out.  It lives up to its hype as it truly provides the following benefits: improving visibility, streamlining replenishment and maximizing storage space while offering customization and versatility. Metro’s new Two Bin Kanban Storage Solution is available as individual components and can be configured by your Atlantic Shelving Sales Rep to meet your specific storage room needs.

For additional information on Metro’s Kanban Two Bin Storage Solution or any of the available options, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

Work Smarter Not Harder with Metro’s SmartLever Multifunctional Storage & Workstation

Posted by Store Administrator on 9/6/2017

Metro claims that their SmartLever multifunctional storage and workstation is the perfect accessory to any business whether you are in healthcare, food service, research or retail. We reviewed the product today to see if Metro’s claim that their Smartlever multifunctional storage and workstation is truly “the intelligent way to optimize space and workflow”.

First, we took a look at the build quality. The workstation boasts an impressive frame built from heavy gauge cold rolled steel. Its covered in an epoxy coating and all hardware is stainless steel. With this powerful construction, the load capacity is a whopping 2800 lbs. Individually, each work surface can hold up to 600 lbs. The dunnage rack alone can handle 1000 lbs.  Metro even offers a standard 10 year warranty against surface rust on the Smartlevel.

 Next, we looked at the flexibility in design and we are impressed.  There are truly endless possibilities for design. The unit is modular, giving the consumer the ability to choose the specific line of shelving that best fits their needs including but not limited to the following lines: Super Erecta or Super Erecta Pro and Smartwall Grid. Additionally, the consumer can use this shelving unit as a singular shelf or as an add on unit to maximize storage. The shelves themselves, are adjustable on 2” increments allowing one to make the most out of your vertical space on every shelf level. Metro offers a variety of dimensions to meet practically any application. The SmartLever Post heights range between 36”and 86”.   The shelf widths are available in three sizes (18”, 21” and 30”) and the shelf lengths have 5 options ranging between 36” -72.  There is as the old saying goes something for everyone.

Finally, we looked at the efficiency of the unit. A shelf is no good if you can’t quickly and easily find the items you are looking for.  The open design of the SmartLever Shelving Unit provides visibility and access to your items thereby increasing work flow. Furthermore, because the openness of the design, once identified, the items can be easily accessed which can help your organization provide a quick response to your customers. Additionally, the unit will maximize storage space with its unique space saving two post design. Unlike most shelves who have a 4 post design, Metro has designed this unit with two posts without affecting stability.

Looks like Metro’s right on the money with their assessment of the SmartLever Multifunctional Storage and WorkStations. The unit is solid, customizable and built to enhance efficiency with its unique open design. If your business uses shelving or work stations, this unit should be a part of your work environment.

For additional information on Metro’s SmartLever Multifunctional Storage and Workstations or any of the available options, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

The Space Race With Metro’s New 24” Deep Space Saver Work Table

Posted by Store Administrator on 8/2/2017

Laboratories and restaurants throughout the country are always looking to maximize every inch of their work environment as space is at a premium. With this issue in mind, Metro offers the newly designed 24” Deep Space Saver Work Table that “puts space to work for you”.  Today, we take a look at this product to see if it measures up.

The first thing you notice about Metro’s new 24” Deep Space Saver Work Tables is the exceptional quality that is associated with Metro’s Super Erecta line of wire shelving components. The rugged table is built to withstand the harshest conditions as it is constructed from type 304 Stainless Steel. This heavy-duty work table has a weight capacity of 800 lbs if stationary and 600 lbs if mobile (with optional casters) to handle any work load.

What good is a table if it rocks and rolls?  Metro features patented design elements such as tapered sleeves and 1” diameter posts that assure rigidity and a sway free table. The table top surface is made of a 14-gauge steel that will not flex or bow and eliminates all drumming.

This products’ clever design allows for customization based on your available space.  Whether you require a 3-sided snake frame, a bottom shelf, or an adjustable leveling foot, all can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. The 3-sided snake frame and the bottom shelf both adjust in 1” increments. The 24” Depth Space Saver Work Tables is available in three different lengths (36”, 48” and 60”) with a height of 34”. The Super Erecta posts, frames and shelves are available in multiple finishes for a solution to fit every budget. Another great customization option is the 5” polyurethane swivel casters. These casters can turn this work horse into a mobile unit.  Additionally, these casters contain a brake feature that will ensure stability once your mobile unit is in a desired place.

The unit can be purchased through individual components or in a convenient preconfigured set. All of Metro’s Space Saver Work Tables are easily assembled in minutes without any tools needed.

When it comes to saving space, Metro wins the race. The 24” Deep Space Saver Work Table offers durability, stability and customization in an affordable easily assembled unit. For additional information on Metro’s New 24” Deep Space Saver Work Table, or any of the available options, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

Fire Up Your Sales with Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts

Posted by Store Administrator on 7/6/2017

Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts are a favorite with grocers and retailers alike, as they are perfect for cross merchandising, sale items or impulse buy products. Designed to attract customers like a magnet, today we decided to review Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts to see what all the sizzle is about.

First off Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Carts are strong as they are constructed from wire and can hold up to a whopping 300 lbs of product.  The clean design showcases your product in the best possible light. Also, the cart is customizable, coming in a standard or double wide basket with two adjustable shelves in a variety of depths (2”, 4” or 8”), to accommodate a wide array of products.

As the old saying goes the most important thing is location, location, location. Metro has this covered. These units offer display flexibility and space saving measures by providing mobility (4 swivel brake casters) so your product can be the center of attention without blocking an aisle, therefore increasing profit. Additionally, this feature makes for relocating the shelf easy by eliminating the need to empty the unit before moving it. Worried about the cart moving while restocking, no problem. The brakes on the casters will secure the unit on any surface.  

The overall dimensions with casters of the Standard Hot Buy Basket Cart is  37”H x 18”W x 24”L. The dimensions for the Double wide Basket Cart with casters is 37”H x 18”W x 48”L which doubles your sales opportunities with twice the capacity.  Included in Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Cart is the following parts: (2) basket shelves (4) caster posts (4) swivel casters with brakes.

The Hot Buy Basket cart assembles in minutes with absolutely no tools required. Shipping in one box and easy to put together allows for easy reconfiguration and makes this cart an optimal choice.

With a sturdy build, a variety of design options, mobility, space saving measures, and quick assembly with no tools required, it’s no wonder, the Hot Buy Basket Cart is firing up sales. For more information on Metro’s Hot Buy Basket Cart, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

You can also click on this hyperlink for more information:


What's Under The Covers with Metros ESD Cart Covers

Posted by Store Administrator on 6/11/2017

For over 80 years, Metro has been the world's leading manufacturer of storage and transport equipment in Healthcare, Foodservice and Commercial markets putting space to work. Metro manufacturers top of the line shelf carts and trucks but in true Metro fashion they don’t stop there. They also offer well thought out accessories that are designed to enhance the unit’s usefulness. One such accessory is Metro’s ESD Cart Covers which utilizes an effective method to control electrostatic discharge, defer pillage, and protect your product from dust and air borne contaminants.

The Metro ESD Cart Cover is perfect for labs or in static free work environments. The cover is designed with a slip resistant textured material which prevents contamination and moisture from destroying your carts contents. Additionally, the electrostatic discharge protectant cover, with its conductive outer surface and dissipative inner surface, is resistant to bacteria, fungus and mildew. All that and flame resistant as well.   Maintenance is a snap as the cover is easy to clean with mild detergents and water leaving no residue behind. The ESD cart covers come in black and are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging between 18” deep to 24” deep and offer either hook /loop closures or heavy-duty nylon zippers. The zippers offer a form of security keeping unwanted hands from accessing your inventory. The ESD Covers also includes a letter size pouch for easy storage of documents. Finally, as with all Metro products, durability is never in question, as these cart covers come standard with reinforced corners preventing tears and providing longevity.

In addition to the ESD Cart cover, Metro also offers a lightweight coated or uncoated standard cover option that has many similar features. Available in either a zipper or Velcro closure, the Shelf Cart & Truck covers come in two standard colors (White & Mariner Blue).

Need a special cart cover size not featured in our catalog, don’t sweat it. Metro offers custom cart covers to fit any size cart. Furthermore, if your task at hand calls for a custom file folder slot on the side, Metro can customize that as well.  Metro’s products and accessories are always well designed and customizable out to meet your storage, display, kitchen prep or transport demands.

For more information on Metro’s ESD Cart Covers, The Shelf & Truck Cart Covers, or any custom orders, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

Always Know Where Its At with Akro-Mils Top Selling Plastic Storage Cabinet

Posted by Store Administrator on 5/2/2017

The numbers don’t lie. Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Cabinets are one of their top selling products.  Today we took a look as to why it’s so popular with clients from a wide variety of industries.  We evaluated it based on 3 critical elements required for any great storage system, durability, customization, and versatility.

Made of a rugged, high impact plastic, Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Cabinets provide a great versatile solution to organizing your lab, your work space or your supply room. Available in either red or black and in multiple drawer configurations including 16, 24, 26, 44 and 64 depending on your specific storage needs.

The unbreakable clear drawers which are made of polypropylene, make it easy for  quick identification of your product or supplies. The sturdy drawers come with finger grip pulls to make it easier to access supplies in a hurry. The drawers also come standard with a rear stop tab to prevent contents from spilling out. Additionally, drawer divider tabs are built in to the back of the unit for use as needed.  Akro-Mills has engineered theses cabinets with practicality in mind.

Akro-Mils provides a variety of applications in which the Plastic Storage Cabinet can be set up. Limited space is no problem as any size unit can be mounted when paired with an optional bracket to a wall, a louvered panel or a rail storage rack.  If you have the space and the need for more storage these storage cabinets can stack on top of one another securely for your growing needs.

It is easy to see why the Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Cabinets are flying off the shelves.  Engineered with durability, customization, and versatility in mind these cabinets are sure to complement your work space and improve efficiency.

For additional information on Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Cabinet, or any of the available options, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

Metro’s qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System is a SLAM DUNK!

Posted by Store Administrator on 4/3/2017
Today we took a look at Metro’s newest cantilever storage solution, the qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System to determine if it is in fact a slam dunk. 

 The most important attributes to any cantilever shelving system has to be strength and durability. There is no question the qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System is one strong system. The frame is constructed of epoxy coated steel tubing uprights and crossbars. Two crossbars are mounted vertically and one is mounted horizontally on the single sided structures to maintain durability. Four crossbars are on the double sided structure. It can hold even heavy items as the mobile unit can handle up to 375 lbs and the stationary unit can hold up to a whopping 500 lbs. The baskets are constructed from a rugged wire and are covered with a thick protective epoxy coated to ensure strength and eliminate sharp edges at the same time. 

 Metro’s qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System has real “ability” with high marks in visibility, accessibility, flexibility and adjustability. The basket angle and open wired baskets provide enhanced visibility of contents of your items. With optimal visibility comes accessibility. You can easily see your items to grab them without searching around which makes for better productivity. It also provides a better handle on inventory. Available in 3 different sizes, single or double sided, stationary or mobile with 7 different available configurations, there is tremendous flexibility allowing for customization based on your needs. Metro’s qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System is sure to have a solution that meets your needs whatever your space limitations are or work environment calls for. Basket spacing is easily adjusted without tools in 1” increments along the entire height of the upright again providing a quick way to display, stock, store and retrieve product efficiently. 

The base unit is unmatched, but Metro doesn’t stop there. They also provide accessories to enhance this already amazing unit, if required. Some accessories that stood out to us were the full length clear and color labels for quick identification of items as well as dividers to separate product into categories, again making it easy to identify needed items quickly. 

 The qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System from Metro delivers in every category. This unit will be an asset regardless of what your needs are. With strength, durability, visibility, accessibility, flexibility and adjustability, the qwikSIGHT Basket System is an absolute slam dunk. 

 For additional information on Metro’s qwikSIGHT Basket Supply System, or any of the available options, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

Talking Trash - The Newly Redesigned Akro-Tilt Trucks from Akro-Mils Manufacturing

Posted by Store Administrator on 3/6/2017

Today we take a look at the newly redesigned Akro-Tilt Truck made by Akro-Mils Manufacturing for waste handling.  We found the truck to be great combination of durability, efficiency and a thoughtful design that can save you from back pain.

The ruggedly built Akro-Tilt Truck is as a tough as they come.  Made right here in the USA, the Tilt Truck is constructed of fully welded, 13 gauge reinforced steel tubular frames and seamless molded polyethylene for longevity that allows for up to a 2000 lbs load capacity. This heavy-duty frame comes in handy for automatic dumper applications. The power coated frames enhance the appearance of the Tilt Truck while protecting it again rust and corrosion. This unit won’t dent, does not absorb moisture and is even leak proof.

The Akro-Tilt Truck is built with efficiency in mind. The 1” axle and heavy duty caster combination provides maximum support and makes for easy maneuverability on whatever texture your work environment presents. The optional forklift channels allow the Akro-Tilt Truck to be easily lifted, and moved saving time, money and effort. The wide mouth and low profile unit makes for easy access for both loading or cleaning.  The convenient push and lift handles provide secure handling. The Akro-Tilt Truck new design now includes fully assembled units that easily nest on one another for shipping to decrease freight rates and space.  Even greater efficiency is found in some of the options. These include the full width heavy duty lids with a piano hinge in the middle allowing the lid to flip open during use and the tow bars that can link multiple carts together with ease.

The redesign of the Akro-Tilt Truck from Akro-Mils Manufacturing is well thought out from top to bottom. It provides durability, and efficiency which translates to seamless waste handling in a unit that will last for a long time. Clearly the Akro-Tilt Truck is at the top of the heap.

For additional information on the Akro-Mils Akro-Tilt Trucks, or any of the available options, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.


Metro's MetroMax 4 Shelving System Heightens Its Shelf Game

Posted by Store Administrator on 1/31/2017

We reviewed Metro’s MetroMax 4 Shelving System back in July 2016, but new options have just become available and we wanted to take a look at what these latest features have to offer.

Metro refers to its MetroMax 4 Unit as part of its Forever Shelving Systems delivering unparalleled strength, stability, cleanability, and efficient space utilization. The latest features confirm MetroMax 4’s claims.

In line with Metro’s tradition of well thought out products to meet every storage need, you can now get shelf lengths ranging between 24” X 24” through 24” x 60” in order to improve shelf capacities and save space. Additionally, whatever your storage area or work space needs are, these shelving units can now be connected to maximize space or line an entire wall through the use of “S” hooks.  Metro also offers new shelf depths for the MetroMax 4 to maximize your storage and customize it to your inventory needs as they evolve. Currently in stock is 24” deep and projected later this year the shelves should be available in 18” and 21” depths.

A truly innovative new feature is that the MetroMax 4’s shelving unit can now be used for high density shelving and are interchangeable with Top-Track or QwikTRAK. This is a BIG deal! High Density Storage can boost storage space up to 50% with no added construction costs. The MetroMax4 is constructed with all polymer which is a type of plastic.  However, all polymer shelving is not usually used in connection with High Density Storage.  But MetroMax 4 does not disappoint, as this is not your average plastic. Metro’s MetroMax 4 polymer shelving system incorporates robust steel corners, and reinforced center supports to enhance stability, performance and structural integrity.

MetroMax4 sets the gold standard by keeping your budget in mind coming in at a moderate price point without sacrificing quality. Worried about corrosion or rust. Fear not, as Metro provides a Lifetime Warranty.

With improved versatility, durability, stability and customization, it’s hard to believe but it’s even better than the product we reviewed just 6 months ago.

For additional information on the MetroMax 4 shelving systems, or any of the available options, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or by calling them at 443-304-7225.

Akro-Mils Louvered Carts – Toughness on Wheels

Posted by store administrator on 1/2/2017

Durable, versatile and mobile are just some of the adjectives used to describe Akro-Mils Louvered Carts.  So, we decided to review them to see why so many business owners, lab technicians and those in health care and retail industries consider the Akro-Mils Louvered Carts a smart choice to get supplies where they need to go.

Featuring a 16 gauge welded steel frame complete with a tubular push handle, this cart can hold a capacity of up to 800 lbs. The cart also boast a steel reinforced butcher block work surface with a powder coating to handle your toughest tasks. And to top it off The Akro-Mils Louvered Carts comes with non-marking elastic rubber casters to allow for a more even weight distribution.  Based on what we’ve seen durability is an understatement.  This cart is built to last.

Available in 2 sizes, (the smaller cart is 37”L X 18” W x 36” H and the larger cart is 49” L x 24” W x 37.5” H) and three metal colors (Textured Charcoal Gray, Textured Putty & Textured Black) there is something for everyone no matter what your needs are.  The Akro-Mils Louvered cart with two stationary shelves and an optional locked storage area can accommodate a variety of AkroDrawer configurations. The Louvered Cart can be paired with any of the AkroDrawer bins which are available in a multitude of colors and sizes.  Taking versatility to the next level, the carts are constructed with louvered panels on both ends so that you may hang a variety of different sized bins on both sides to keep your contents highly visible and easily available on your mobile work station. The louvered panels accommodate the AkroBins, the Insight Bins and the Universal Hanging Bins. With so much versatility, this cart can be customized to fit whatever the workplace needs require.

The Louvered Carts were designed with mobility in mind. This is accomplished with 5 inch swivel casters coupled with the tubular push handle that make maneuverability easy. The non-marking rubber casters also feature the total lock brakes to ensure stability when loading or unloading materials. Raised barriers near the shelf edges keeps drawers from shifting or falling while the cart is moving. This cart was made to function while on the move!

Akro-Mils has done it again through thoughtful engineering and durable construction. This cart is a definite keeper. For additional information on Akro-Mils Louvered Carts and all of the available configurations and accessories, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling them at 443-304-7225 or by emailing them at

Not Ordinary but Extra Ordinary – Akro-Mils Versa Deck Platform Trucks

Posted by Store Administrator on 12/8/2016

With Akro-Mils commitment to manufacturing innovative storage and material handling products of uncompromising quality, it’s no surprise that the Versa Deck Platform Trucks have such a long service life, outstanding performance and ultimate versatility. Today we took a look at this extra ordinary unit.

Made out of HDPE molded non-skid structural plastic, Akro-Mils Versa decks are constructed for strength and long term durability. Each of the decks are steel reinforced underneath in addition to bolted on casters and jam bolts securing the handles. Known for their exceptional strength to weight ratio holding up to 2000 lbs in weight capacity, the Versa Deck Platform trucks are ideal for transporting heavy duty materials and creating mobile work spaces.  Each of the 2 sizes (24” x 48” and 30” x 60”) feature 4 convenient tie down points for securing loads in transit.  Additionally, locking casters (referred to as Total Lock Brakes) for swivel wheels are available to stabilize the Versa Deck when loading or unloading.  

Worried about rust or chipping, no need.  The Versa Decks are both chemical and weather resistant, giving you years of use.

Our favorite feature, however, is the Versa Deck’s versatility.  The Versa Deck Platform Truck can be individually tailored to fit your specific needs, offering a wide range of applications depending on your flooring surfaces and environmental conditions.  Additionally, the versatility continues with 6 different rail styles, 2 different deck sizes and more than 70 different handle /caster configurations. It’s clear from the quality, the strength and wide array of ways the unit can be configured that the Akro-Mils Versa Deck will help to increase material handling efficiency. 

With so many customization features available we decided to take a look at two of the features more in depth, specifically, handles and casters. The multiple selection of handles provide for durability, comfort and excellent control at all times. The handles are made of powder coated steel for durability.  Some of the new handle styles include wire mesh sides, high low handles that support building materials such as drywall or plywood and posts that accommodate long pipes, tubing and carpet rolls.

Wheel & caster choices allow you to resolve problems of noise control, floor protection, impact and abrasion resistance, or load capacity. If you’re looking for smooth and quiet, the new caster option, called Easy Roll is for you.  The caster is made from thermoplastic rubber with precision bearings made for rolling effortlessly and quietly over most surfaces without marking up the floor. The Easy Roll Casters are available with the Total Lock Brakes for stability when loading or unloading.

Whatever your material handling needs are, regardless of your work environment or flooring surface, Akro-Mils can meet your requirements. For additional information on Akro-Mils Versa Deck Platform Trucks and all of the available options and configurations, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing them at or calling them at 443-304-7225. 



Get Off The Floor with Metro’s Super Erecta Dunnage Racks

Posted by Store Administrator on 10/26/2016

Many business owners will tell you that dunnage racks are highly favored in multiple storage settings as a way to store heavy or bulky items.  The racks keep your items off the floor without compromising shelf space.  Damp environments such as storage areas, walk in freezers, or labs are where the dunnage rack’s height will be truly appreciated. Getting your items off the floor not only keep your product safe but also help protect flooring from heavy storage by evening out the load weight across a wider area. The definition of dunnage is to “support or secure” and that’s just what Metro’s dunnage racks does for your supplies & inventory. We reviewed 3 different configurations of Metro’s Super Erecta Dunnage Racks and what we found was impressive.

Metro’s Super Erecta Dunnage Racks offers versatility, as it is available in multiple configurations.  These configurations include such options as removable mats, or the addition of casters for ease of movement. The units can handle the pressure as they are made to endure impact.  Strength is accomplished through its construction where the rack is built using heavy duty 1” square tubing. The versatility continues as they are simple to assemble and don’t require special tools. Depending on which style best fits your storage needs, you can choose from a variety of finishes to include Chrome Plated, Type 304 Stainless Steel, or Metroseal 3 Epoxy with Microban Protection. 

The Super Erecta Dunnage Racks features an easy to clean removable wire mat that fits on the top support frame for thorough cleaning.  The design is so well thought out, that the offset wire mat is raised above the post cap preventing items from snagging and tearing.  The stationary units sit at 14.5” off the ground including the cap and the leveling bolt. The mobile units are 14” off the ground. The Super Erecta is strong, holding load capacities between 800 to 1600 lbs. That’s enough to handle your heaviest supplies while keeping them elevated. Need to be able to move your inventory? Well, mobility is not an issue with Metro’s Super Erecta Mobile Dunnage Racks. Available with two swivel casters and two swivel/brake casters, all made of 5” non-marking polyurethane tread, you can get your stuff where it needs to go.

Metro’s Super Erecta Dunnage Racks are truly Top Shelf. The units securely store your items off the floor and are customizable to meet any of your storage needs. Do your business a favor and take a look at Metro’s Super Erecta Dunnage Racks.  They won’t let you down.

Please note we featured Metro’s Metal Dunnage Rack options this time month, but be on the lookout for Metro’s Polymer Dunnage Rack options offered in one of our future blogs.

For additional information on Metro’s Super Erecta or Polymer Dunnage Racks and all of the available configurations, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling them at  443-304-7225 or by emailing them at




Akro-Mils 19 Series Steel Cabinets are a Definite Touchdown

Posted by Store Administrator on 9/29/2016


When we reviewed the 19 Series Steel Cabinets we couldn’t help but think of the NFL’s all-time great #19, who was known for longevity and durability as evidenced by his record setting for the most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Akro-Mils 19 Series Steel Cabinets have the same desirable attributes.

The 19 Series Steel Cabinets feature a heavy duty welded frame made of 24-gauge steel, and a chip proof durable powder coated finish which is corrosion proof. If your available work space requires wall mounting, the 19 Series Steel Cabinets also comes with 4 convenient key holes for quick sturdy wall mount installation.  Or if you prefer stacking, the 19 Series comes standard with nesting feet for safe, stabile stacking. (Say that three times fast!)

Versatility is always an option, as the drawers for the 19 Series come in 5 different colors and 5 different sizes to fit your organizational needs. Durability is also a consideration as the industrial strength plastic drawers are rust, corrosion, and dent proof.   Additionally, these drawers have a unique rear stop tab to prevent spillage and lost inventory. The drawers are made with the ability to be divided into as many as 8 compartments with dovetail dividers for customized storage and superior organization of small parts.  The drawers also have a space for labels and have a transparent window for quick identification and easy access. These drawers will save you the most valuable commodity of all, time.

These cabinets provide high density storage that is also compatible with 5 different storage systems should your storage needs require you to expand.  Systems that the 19 Series Steel Cabinets are compatible with include: The Mobile Steel Cabinet Rack (Rail Racks), The Storage Go Round, and 3 different Louvered Hanging Systems.

Considering all of the available options, versatility and practical design, not to mention the durability and reliability, the 19 Series Cabinets are definite first ballot Hall of Famers.

For additional information on the Akro-Mils 19 Series Steel Cabinets and the storage systems that are often used with them, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling them at 443-304-7225 or by emailing them at

Akro-Mils Pick Racks - A True First Round Pick

Posted by Administrator on 8/30/2016

As a business owner or a purchase manager don’t beat yourself up in the “rack race” to find shelving that increases material handling, improves organization and assists with inventory control.  The Akro-Mils Pick Rack is a well thought out solution.

Made in the USA, Akro-Mils Pick Rack Shelving Systems are designed with angled shelving that provides high density storage for your storage rooms, work space or showroom. The inclined shelves keep your product visible and easily accessible.  Not only is the shelf efficient but it also provides an attractive and well organized unique storage solution.  When it comes to construction, these racks are durable. The Pick Racks are constructed from 16” gauge steel with a powder coated finish for toughness and a long shelf life.  The rack is offered in two sizes, 12” or 18” deep bins depending on your needs.  If you’re looking to store a lot of items, the 18” deep Pick Rack is for you. It provides 50% more storage capacity than the 12” and can hold up to 192 bins.

Additionally, this shelving system is compatible with a variety of different Akro-Mils bins. Too include ShelfMax Bins, the Indicator Bins, AkroDrawers and System Bins. Need a particular color? No problem.  The Pick Racks comes in a multitude of colors including Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White or Clear.  A great option is the innovative 2 color indicator bins that can be turned around when stock is low as a reminder to reorder. The superior construction of these affordable plastic storage bins allows them to be fully loaded without bulging or cracking.

This shelving system can be configured in either single sided, double sided or in a bench format, holding up to 1800 lbs capacity for the largest configuration and 900 lbs for single sided. Each shelf can hold up to 100 lbs in capacity. There is also a mobile kit to make the Double Sided Pick Racks easily movable within your work environment and it arrives easy to assemble.

Strength, high capacity, and a variety of options means that Akro-Mils will have a Pick Rack that will meet your needs.  With many products on the market, The Pick Rack Shelving System is One Smart Pick.

For additional information on Akro-Mils Pick Rack Shelving Systems, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives either by calling them at 443-304-7225 or by emailing them at



Step Up Your Shelf Game – MetroMax 4 Shelving System

Posted by Administrator on 7/27/2016

Today we reviewed Metro’s latest offering, the MetroMax 4 Polymer Shelving System. With its chemical resistant finish, this storage system is ideal for your dry storage needs that require high cleaning standards whether it’s a laboratory, a healthcare setting, food storage or a freezer. Impressed with its well thought out features we decided to highlight 4 reasons you should outfit your storage room with this shelving system.


Metromax 4 is an all polymer corrosion proof shelving system made to withstand moisture, chemicals, and harsh environments and comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. With interchangeable posts and shelving options you can maximize your storage and customize it to your inventory needs as they evolve. Additionally, the shelves adjust in 1 inch increments to allow for optimal storage of a multitude of different sized products.


MetroMax 4 Shelving Systems are strong and durable.  The mobile units can handle a whopping 600 lbs while the stationary unit can handle more than three times that in maximum capacity. These shelves are constructed with circumferential capture of corner posts for excellent stability, performance and structural integrity. Assembly of these units is designed to be fast and easy with preassembled shelves that are ready to use right out of the box.


With the 6 inches wide removable shelf mats clean up is easy. The lift off open grid or solid polymer shelf mats can be stacked in a commercial dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning. And with Microban protection, mildew, mold, bacteria and fungus have no chance.  Plus, the shelves have been engineered with a smooth surface in mind so as not to rip packaging or damage your products.


MetroMax 4 keeps your budget in mind coming in at a moderate price point without sacrificing quality. 

For additional information on the MetroMax 4 shelving systems, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or calling them at 443-304-7225.




Where have you BIN all of my life - Akro-Mils AkroBins

Posted by Adminstrator on 6/23/2016

Knowing your inventory and having quick access to it is a vital part of a successful business.  If lack of organization is an issue in your storage area or work space, Atlantic Shelving’s full line of Akro-Mils Akrobins and Shelving Systems, offers a solution.

As always AkroBins are made in the USA to the highest specifications. Try finding that similar top quality with their competitors. You won’t. Akro-Mils line of AkroBins provides durability and versatility. Durability comes from the heavy duty, industrial grade polymer that is water, rust and corrosion proof. Reinforced side ribs prevents the bin from bending or cracking when stacked. Plus the anti slide stop on the bottom of these bins prevents them from shifting forward. All of this and a one year warranty. Versatility is found in the multiple sizes and colors available.  Fifteen sizes and twelve colors to be exact. And the bins are able to be easily stacked or hung to create the most efficient storage area for your needs. Also offered as accessories to this product line is dividers, lids, labels and a broad selection of shelving systems.

Once again, Akro-Mils provides an “UnBinlievable” product designed with all of your needs in mind. Organization, protection, and space efficiency, has Akro-Mils stacked above the competition.

For additional information on these Akro-Mils AkroBins, and the accessories and shelving systems that are often used with them, please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives by either emailing or calling them at 443-304-7225.

Safe & Sound – Metro’s Super Erecta Security Units

Posted by Adminstrator on 6/6/2016

The need to protect your sensitive or valuable items from getting in the wrong hands is a concern we all face. Today we take a look at the solution – Metro’s Security Enclosure Units.  We reviewed the Super Erecta Security Enclosure which is built with security in mind and offers unmatched versatility. Based on your environmental needs or aesthetics, the unit comes in 3 different finishes. Chrome plated for dry environments, Metroseal 3 epoxy for wet environments and Type 304 Stainless Steel for your harshest environment and cleaning requirements.  All units are heavy duty and able to hold and transport up to 900 lbs. If cleanliness is high on your priority list, the Metroseal 3 comes standard with Microban Antimicrobial protection to inhibit growth of any type of product contamination.

Mobility is no problem, with a wide variety of casters to choose from.  This mobility is ideal for keeping the area underneath the unit clean as well.  Should you want to keep the unit stationary, leveling feet can accommodate all surfaces including uneven ones. Wire construction provides high visibility so you can still check on inventory while still out of reach. The doors on the cage open wide for easy access or can be easily secured in an open position. The unique door handles have a patented ergonomic design that makes opening and closing easier than your average door.

With optional customizable shelves the unit can be changed to accommodate your changing needs. Shelving can be adjusted by one inch increments along the entire height of the posts. With all of it features, Metro’s Super Erecta Security Enclosure, secures its place at the top of the heap.

For additional information on these Security Enclosures, please either click on the hyperlink below or feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives via phone 443-304-7225 or email


Metro gives you Their Full Support with Super Erecta Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

Posted by Administrator on 4/28/2016

If your storage needs exceed your floor space, you need shelving that will support your goods and take advantage of your overhead space.  Today we looked at the Super Erecta Wall Mounted Wire Shelving from Metro.  What we found was a combination of versatility, durability and the Metro quality that has been their hallmark.

Available in various depths and 3 different finishes, the Super Erecta wire shelving can be used as a direct wall mount or a post type over a work station. It’s versatility allows it to go where you need it. The post type mounting system can accommodate a unit as small as a single shelf up to multiple tiers, based on your needs. For the direct wall mount, a side by side configuration is an option. Additionally, the direct wall mount shelves can be repositioned with ease. Either style mounting system can accommodate wire or solid shelves.

Available in chrome plated, metroseal 3 epoxy and stainless steel, the Super Erecta wire wall mounted shelves offers rust resistant and corrosion proof protection. The shelves are heavy duty and can hold up to 250 lbs per shelf. For optimal use of space, the direct mount shelf can also be mounted almost flush to the wall with the back of the shelf within a fraction of an inch away.  Plus, these NSF approved wire shelves also provide unmatched ventilation and are easy to clean, making them ideal for use in the food or healthcare industry.  

So if you’re looking to maximize your storage space but your floor space is limited, don’t panic. Metro provides support you can count on with the Super Erecta wall mounted wire shelving systems. For more information on these wall shelving systems, please contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling 443-304-7225 or emailing


Get a Grip on Contamination – Lab Cleanroom Solutions

Posted by Adminstrator on 3/25/2016

In order to ensure the integrity of your manufacturing process in your lab cleanroom you must ensure that dust, microbes and other pollutants don’t contaminate your product. Metro helps you keep your cleanroom just that - CLEAN.

The first product we took a look at is the perforated top clean table. The top is manufactured of 14 gauge, electro polished type 304 stainless steel with ¾” opening on 1” centers providing approximately 35% open area.  The height adjustable legs provide for customization to meet your workspace needs. It’s made of super erecta construction throughout for ultimate strength and durability and can hold up to a 400 lb weight capacity.  This table can also be made to accommodate conductivity requirements if needed, with the addition of aluminum split sleeves and a drag cable.  If you require further customization, Metro offers an array of accessories that can be purchased separately to accommodates your needs. For example, those options include a keyboard holder, a monitor shelf, a grid panel, and a utility basket for starters. Once again Metro delivers function and strength for your cleanroom needs.

The second cleanroom option we reviewed were racks.  There are three different types of racks that work great in your cleanroom gowning area: a garment storage rack, a bootie shoe rack and a garment rack.  Today we focused on the bootie shoe rack.  Available in either an electropolished type 304 stainless steel or a chrome plated finish.  This super erecta shelving unit can be made to be conductive and comes in an open air design to facilitate air flow. This bootie shoe rack is versatile as it available as a mobile unit or as stationary unit.  Based on your work space needs, Metro offers both a floor mounted and a wall mounted version. Due to this unit’s high density storage capacity, you can count on this rack for all your footwear storage needs. Additionally, it can be accessorized with optional snap on labels to easily identify the items stored. The above mentioned reinforces our opinion, that Metro’s bootie shoe rack is the complete package for all of your lab cleanroom footwear storage needs.

The last product we reviewed for lab cleanroom solutions is the chemical transport carts. Made of type 304 stainless steel with a chemical resistant polyethylene drip tray, we found this cart to be a durable, dependable mode to transport your chemicals. The units can be made to be conductive with the addition of conductive plastic split sleeves and a grounding cable. The 184 X 184 mm openings provide capacity for up to eight 4 liter sized containers. Plus, you can purchase optional vibration damping casters made of nickel horn resilient tread wheel that come with a dust cover and a celcon bearing. These casters are chemical resistant to prevent corrosion while providing a smooth ride.

Clearly, Metro has your lab cleanroom concerns cleaned up with well thought out products that will keep your environmental contaminants under control.   For more information on these cleanroom solutions, please contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling 443-304-7225 or emailing

NO Static Zone – Products for Electronic Cleanrooms

Posted by Adminstrator on 3/23/2016

When it comes to a Cleanrooms, there is no margin for error.  In your electronics cleanroom the goal is to prevent static electricity and particles in the air and on the surface, from coming in contact with the electronic products that are being manufactured. A single charge of static passing from a worker to a sensitive piece of electronic equipment can have a catastrophic effect on your product and your business. We looked at two products that will allay your concerns.

 For storage of your sensitive electronics, Metro offers several products.  First up is the PCB SmartTray Cart System.  With its versatility it can be used to accommodate a multitude of PCB’s sizes.  The cart has ESD grounding cables, vibration suppression casters and color coded trays for easy identification.  Plus the trays are made of MetroStat which offers premium ESD protection. To maximize efficiency and track progress, the SmartTray system also offers the use of bar code technology.  Overall this system provides safe storage, minimizes handling and promotes product integrity.

Next we took at a look at Metro Tote Boxes. Made of durable impact resistant polypropylene based resin these boxes are made to last. Available in 12 different sizes, these boxes can be manufactured in either conductive, insulative or dissipative materials to match your storage requirements. With customizable interiors, these Metro ESD safe Tote Boxes, are capable of providing solutions for a multitude of different sized electronics. Additionally, they come with a flat surface that makes it easy to affix labels and bar codes for locating your items easily or keeping track of inventory.  Best of all the Metro Tote Boxes can fit in several carts and shelving options that are all optimal for your electronics cleanroom such as Kitting Carts and Benchside Carts.

Our conclusion is clear.  Once again Metro, separates itself from its competition with premium design, high quality, and durability that meets the safety requirements for Electronic Cleanroom Solutions. For more information on these Cleanroom Solutions, please contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling 443-304-7225 or by emailing

Accessory to Organization, Labels, Ledgers, Dividers & Enclosures

Posted by Administrator on 2/25/2016

If you want to maximize your MetroMax Storage system, then Metro has plenty of options for you.  Here we review a couple of our favorite accessories.

We took a look at the stackable shelf ledges.  They snap on and off easily and of course they are corrosion proof.  Made of either polymer or stainless steel, both keep your items secure from falling off the shelf.

Also available are standard duty shelf dividers.  Made of high density polymer, the dividers provide an aide to organization by allowing you to easily separate your items.  Plus they are easily able to be re-positioned for ultimate customization.

Taking organization one step further, Metro offers plastic label holders that snap on to the shelves edge to accommodate 1 inch labels. These are great for inventory control and content identification.  They come in a variety of different sizes.

If it's a contained storage unit that you are after, Metro offers enclosure panels, that use mounting clips to add on to your existing shelf.  The enclosure is made out of CRS wire with an epoxy finish for strength and durability.

These are just a few of the many accessories Metro offers to customize the shelf to fit your needs.  As your needs change, the shelf can be modified to meet those requirements saving you money down the road.  For more information on these products, please contact one of our sales representatives by either calling 443-304-7225 or emailing

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Just Roll With It - Metro MyCart Series

Posted by Adminstrator on 1/27/2016

If you think something simple like a cart can’t be improved, then you have not yet seen the Metro MyCart Series.  Metro has re-engineered the cart to provide 50% more leg room so you don’t slam your shins or kick the cart.  They have also added an easy grip handle with a spacious utility tray that offers 2x’s the space of a traditional cart. Plus, the raised edge shelves helps to contain items from spilling or falling off onto the floor.

The carts are all made in the polymer material that is corrosion proof and impact resistant to ensure durability.  If you are looking for models with Microban Antimicrobial protection, you can find that as well. The MyCart Series comes in a multitude of colors and sizes with a capacity of up to a 500 lbs.  

The cart is designable to your needs with accessories to fit the various sizes. The small cart (16 X 27) accommodates the Metro Tote Box and ISO totes.  The medium cart (20 x 30) is the perfect size for glass & dish racks and milk crates.  The large cart (26 x 36) is ideal for scanners and labelers as it has a built in slot to hold them.  All of the carts can be accessorized with a utility bin and or a waste basket.

Metro once again, has taken the cart a step forward by offering the MyCart Series in Allergen Purple to ensure that your customers with allergies won’t be exposed. What does this mean?  The cart’s unique purple color stands out to make it easily identifiable as a cart for a specific use. (i.e. – not to transport allergens) 

If that wasn’t enough, Metro adds four swivel casters to make maneuvering easy around your work environment. Available in 2 shelf or 3 shelf configurations.  So whatever your cart use requires, Metro can help you do it safely and effectively. 


One Size Does Not Fit All when it comes to Storage Carts

Posted by Adminstrator on 12/29/2015

Starsys knows that one cart does not fit all. As a result, Starsys offers a customizable cart to fit your unique work demands whether it be limited work space, mobility or specific storage requirements to name a few. So whether the need is for a Lab Cart, a Hospital Storage Cart, or a Health Care Supply Cart, Starsys can easily reconfigure and adapt the cart to meet the needs of your work force, enhance productivity and maximize work space.


Carts can be customized in heights ranging from 36” to 48” as well as a variety of widths.  The adaptable cart also offers interchangeable drawers in various sizes that are fully extendable to ensure you can always reach what’s inside. The drawer pulls are offered in a wide selection of colors to choose from to match your decor.  If you need more storage, the overbridge can accommodate additional baskets, shelves and bins for ultimate efficiency. Plus the side storage unit expands the work surface up to 135%.


Starysys carts are made with safety and security in mind. The units have antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria through Microban.  The advanced polymer materials also make this cart easy to clean and they will not dent, chip, flake or corrode. For security needs, some units are available with advanced electronic locks with multiple pins in addition to the standard mechanical locks.


Customizable, Modular, Secure, Mobile or Stationary Units that can adapt to your every need.  So whether you work in a lab, a doctor’s office or a hospital, Starsys Carts clearly have you covered.


For more information on this product, please contact one of our Sales Representatives by either calling 443-304-7225 or emailing 

The Perfect Pairing of Quality and Affordability

Posted by on 12/23/2015

Metro has answered the age old question, can you have quality and value in a product?  The answer is a resounding yes. 

The new MetroMax 4 provides the same quality you’ve come to expect from Metro, but at a lower price point. Metro claims “No competitor can offer a shelf as high performing as this unit at close to a fraction of the price of stainless steel.” So we decided to take a look.  The answer is a resounding yes. Here are some of the standout features: 

·       Easy to Clean with two different types of 6” removable mats (open grid or solid).

·       All polymer construction that withstands rust, corrosion, moisture, chemicals and harsh environments.

·       Shelves, frames and posts come with Built in Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection which inhibits growth of mildew, mold, bacteria and fungus.

·       Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

·       Stability that doesn’t need to be bolted to a wall, a cross brace or a crutch.

·       A unit can handle up to 2000 lbs as a stationary unit or 600 lbs with casters.

·       Adjustable shelving height as well as interchangeable configuration to make the most efficient use of space.

·       Certified by The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to be used to safely store food and medical supplies.  Our Verdict – MetroMax 4 lives up to its claims with high end features that don’t break your budget.


For more information on this product, please contact one of our Sales Representatives either by emailing or calling 443-304-7225.


Hot Buy Basket Carts are the Center of Attention

Posted by Atlantic Shelving on 11/30/2015

Center of Attention

The name says it all.  The Hot Buy Basket Cart delivers customer’s attention without taking up valuable floor space.  The unit which comes in either a standard or double wide basket cart is easily moved to different locations with it’s 3” swivel casters. 

Metro Basket Cart

Once in the ideal location, the unit can be secured with the swivel caster brake. The basket cart is available with either 2 or 4, 8” deep adjustable shelves perfect for holding all of your featured items. With a no tools required, quick assembly, sturdy build and easy mobility, the Hot Buy Basket Cart is a must have for any business.  For more information, please click here:

Snap On Hook Accessories for Wire Shelving

Posted by Administrator on 10/31/2015
A quick easy and low cost accessory that can help anyone get more organized.  Add these to your existing Metro style shelves to get stuff off the floor.  Hang everything from coats to ropes.  Who doesn't need to hang something?

There are three basics sizes of snap on hooks and they can be ordered in chrome, stainless, black or Metroseal 3 rust resistant finish.  You can't go wrong with our HK23C style hooks.  Go to this link to see our selection of hooks

HK23C Hook

What finish should my shelving have?

Posted by Administrator on 10/17/2015
At Atlantic Shelving we are experts in helping you choose the right product for the job.  There are many finishes to the shelving we sell from InterMetro Industries (Metro) brand shelving.  So it makes it a tedious process in choosing the right one for what you are doing.  But don't worry we make it easy for you to decide by asking just a few key questions about what you plan on doing with the shelving.  Or you can also view our shelving selection guide here.
Metro Shelving Finishes
We ask:
1.  Is the shelving going to be used for dry storage or wet storage.  In other words will the shelving be exposed to any elements which may cause it to rust.  Dry storage is the most common and we recommend chrome for that area.
2.  Do you need light penetration and ventilation for lower dust accumulation?  If so you are leaning towards a wire shelf rather than a solid.
3.  Will the shelving be cleaned on a regular basis with any chemicals or cleaners which may cause it to rust or corrode?  If so, then an epoxy coating or even a polymer shelf is going to best.
4.  If you truly need the cleanest of clean shelves then perhaps stainless steel is the right shelf for the job.  But get ready to pay a premium as stainless can be as much as 4 times the cost of chrome.

If you still need more info please contact us today or view our finish comparison chart here.

Tote Box Carts (PT Truck)

Posted by Administrator on 10/3/2015
Tote Boxes used with Carts are the ultimate storage and organization concept.  Metro Shelving manufactures a specialty cart called a PT truck which utilizes the standard round post from a wire shelf and a combination slide system which holds standard grid style tote boxes.  Store, transport and stay organized when you use this system.  
Metro Tote Box Cart
Bins slide out when needed for access and use.  Take it a step further and divide the box with the Metro Tote box divider system.  Insert and snap on lids are also available.  We help get your parts organized to make your job easier at Atlantic Shelving.  

Stem Caster or Plate Caster with Dolly?

Posted by Administrator on 9/27/2015
We get a lot of questions about casters and we have a lot of answers.  The caster is one of the most important parts of a cart.  Casters can be the weakest link or the strongest component on the cart.  If you need a caster then you are probably moving the cart.  There are two basic types of casters to use.  

1.  Stem Casters - Use a stem which goes inside the post and is good for basic movements of the cart with relatively standard loads.  They are available in round and flat face (Think of a cart tire vs a rounded bicycle tire) and usually in 1" to 1.5" face (amount of contact on the ground.  Think of a cart tire vs a rounded bicycle tire).  Most stem casters are 3 to 5" in diameter.

Stem Caster

2.  Plate Casters - Which are mounted to a dolly frame or the bottom of a unit using 4 bolts.  Plate Casters are recommended for heavier loads and when the cart will be crossing thresholds (door jams, cracks, etc.) on a regular basis.  Plate casters are generally bigger in size at about 5-8" in diameter.  They are available in round and flat face to accommodate the many thresholds they cross.  Plate casters usually have about a 2-3" face to make greater contact with the ground.

Plate Caster Dolly Frame

There are many more questions about which type of tread to use on your caster.  Is it rolling on carpet?  Tile?  Across a parking lot?  Contact Atlantic Shelving today and we can help you choose the right caster for the job.